Evolution XPC OFC professional microphone cable Blue(per meter)


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A range of extremely flexible anti-kink microphone cables. Two years in R&D produced what we believe to be the best cable of its type currently available. Red & blue 24 AWG pure OFC copper conductors are carefully constructed with standard cotton fibres. Not only does this tight packing cut down microphonic noise, it also stops capacitance fluctuations maintaining the 60pF core to core and reduces handling problems especially on long runs. The inner pair is closely lapped in an OFC copper spiral screen offering excellent coverage and then over-sheathed in a rugged yet flexible matt abrasion resistant PVC/neoprene jacket.

Technical Specifications

  • Conductor: 28 x 0.10mm 24 AWG pure OFC copper
  • Insulation: XLPE polyethylene
  • Shield: 80 x 0.10mm lapp pure OFC copper
  • Overall Jacket: Flexible matt black abrasion resistant PVC
  • Overall Diameter: 6.35mm
  • Resistance: 85 Ohm/Km
  • Capacitance: 60pF/m core to core
    110pF/m core to screen
  • Operating Temp: -20℃ – +70℃

Additional information

Weight .050 g