Evolution XPC OFC professional microphone cable Red(per meter)


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A professional flexible instrument cable, designed to reduce the effects of microphonic noise caused by movement. The cellular polyethylene central dielectric is over-sheathed in a conductive carbon then secondary shielded in a tightly wound pure OFC copper spiral screen for maximum RFI rejection, essential in an unbalanced cable of this type. The complete cable is then over-sheathed in Evolution’s matt abraison resistant anti-kink PVC/neoprene compound.

Technical Specifications

  • Conductor: 7 x 0.20mm 24 AWG pure OFC copper
  • Insulation: Cellular polyethylene
  • Inner Screen: Conductive carbon
  • Screen: 80 x 0.10mm lapped OFC copper
  • Jacket: Flexible matt black abraison resistant PVC
  • Overall Diameter: 6.0mm
  • Resistance: 84 Ohm/Km
  • Capacitance: 99pF/m core to core
  • Operating Temp: -20℃ – +70℃

Additional information

Weight .50 g